Association Flight Release (AFR) – Increase the amount of AFR by up to 1700 hours to approximate  what we used to receive. Additionally We will endeavor to negotiate within our collective agreement the restoration of the nearly $400,000.00 in funding our pilots used to receive from  WestJet matching a portion of our pilot dues. This cash shortfall is in addition to the current AFR shortfall. We would seek to regain the difference in the form of further association flight release.

Baggage Loss Protection – Without the requirement to provide receipts

Communication – Effective, timely communication bound by the terms of the Constitution and By-Laws and not beholden to other individuals to release communications

Commuting Policy – Protection in the event you are unable to show up rested and ready for work at no fault of your own, also some recognition of cancelling hotels and flights

Deadhead Credit – Paid outside the block guaranteeing the payment every month in the event the pilot drops the deadhead or trades it away, calls in in sick, or the deadhead itself is cancelled, also TAFB increased by 15 minutes in the event of a deadhead at the beginning or end of a pairing

Economic Wet Lease – Reduce the maximum period from 90 days to 21 days

Five Day Pairings – Maximum 6% versus 10%

Flying Credit – Maintain Duty Period Credit (DPC), Time Away From Base Credit (TAFB), and improve upon the Minimum Duty Period Credit (MDPC), and getting paid per calendar day not per duty period

Initial Training Maximum Days – Maximum 18 days versus 20 days

Law Firm – Well recognized Aviation and Labour law firm that is worldwide and looks after the interests of the WestJet and Swoop pilots

Length of Service (LOS) – 1:1 LOS applicable to all positions at WestJet and Swoop

Long Term Disability – Premiums have increased dramatically, and we need affordable and sustainable benefits

Maximum days Worked – 16 days for all pilots, not just block holders

Meal Cost Replacement – Negotiate monies to be paid in the currency of the country we are flying to and converted back to Canadian as to avoid the negative implications of currency fluctuations

Moving Package – Having a moving package that allows more access to pilots who are having to move closer to their base of employment

One List – Endeavour to maintain one list with WestJet Encore for job protection in the event of a downturn in the economy

Overtime Credit – Reconcile at 82.5 hours versus 85.0 hours

Partial Shift Trade – Expand the opportunities for partial shift trades

Premium Pay – Improve upon the way in which it is paid so we get paid for every calendar day with a minimum credit of 4.5 hours/day versus 4.0 hours/day you are on duty and getting paid the scheduled flight or better and not just the actual operated hours, paid when on displacement, paid when required for additional training in the event of an extra or unsuccessful training event

Protection of our Pilot’s Employed – Enforcing the agreement, such as protecting the percentage of pilot’s on property who were guaranteed their jobs at the time the agreement was signed and not negotiating away their protected jobs

Reduced Block Program (RBP) – Scheduled 40-55 hours/month with the guarantee of 50 hours/month

Report Times – Reflective of flight duty, 60min prior to check-in for flights not requiring customs, WATRS, ETOPS, otherwise 90 minutes for the aforementioned flights

Reserve Program – An industry standard 8%-12% reserve program that works and is predictable and capped at a maximum 16 days, similar to block holders, will be a goal

Retirement Savings – We will endeavour to have multiple solutions since our pilot group are in different stages of their lives and a “one size fits all” will not work with our pilot group.  An example would be a Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) which helps increase your take home pay

Schedule Release – 20th versus the 21st

Scheduled Flying Released – All scheduled flying for the month released on the day schedules are released so the company cannot withhold flying for reserve pilots

Shift Trades – Ensuring all “math” for shift trades starts at the minimum monthly guarantee or whatever the pilot is blocked to if above the minimum monthly guarantee

Sick Time Bank – Work on unlimited sick time bank versus a banked sick time system that is capped at 120 hours, similar to other industries where nearing retirement you can “cash” it in prior to retirement

Swoop – Increase the Wages and Working Conditions (WAWCON) at Swoop

Three Blocks of Vacation – Work on getting the rest of the month off so you are not scheduled the “one” day

Time Bank Program – Reinstate a time bank program that was well utilized by our pilot group and effective in the event of a downturn in the economy

Training Days Requested Off – Increase the number of days we can request off to a minimum of six/month

Transition Failure Freeze – Reduce to 12 months from 36 months

Uniform Allotment – Increase the yearly uniform allotment amount

Union Dues – 1.25% of base salary, no additional union dues paid on Profit Sharing, OPA, Cash Equivalent, Overtime, Premium Pay, Shift Trade Add’s, etc… and all union dues kept within our pilot union and not distributed to other countries or unions

Union Membership Fee – $5.00 fee due when signing a union card to join the United Pilots of WestJet (UPW)

Union Representatives – All member positions require elections and the successful representatives held accountable to the pilot membership through the effective use of the constitution and By-Laws

Voluntary Pairing Extension – Paid the greater of the scheduled credit or the flying credit

Voluntary Pairing Swap – Work on getting paid for the greater of the two pairings with the days reconciled chronologically, especially if the one picked up is longer than the one you are dropping

The Pilots’ Advocacy Society is an incorporated society registered in Alberta under the Societies Act and it has been created to advocate on pilot issues and will be utilized as the method for which the United Pilots of WestJet (UPW) can apply for certified trade union status under part 1 of the Canada Labour Code of the WestJet and Swoop pilots bargaining unit.

We welcome any other suggestions from our pilot group to create a competitive compensation package we all deserve. We will use pilot feedback for the determination of “OUR GOALS” we ultimately pursue in any future negotiations with the company.